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Himalaya Teacher of Life

Himalaya Teacher of Life

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Himalaya Teacher of Life, what we haven’t learnt at school.

Traveling as a school of life linked by the experiences of a traveller Tereza Namituche, seen from different points of view – of a volunteer, a teacher of Buddhist children at school, of monks in a monastery, of a single traveller in the mountains, jungle and cities, of a student in the teachings of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, of a philosopher and a woman discovering herself.

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She sets out on a journey, with the intention of being a volunteer and with a flight ticket, without previous reservations, maps or navigation, and knowledge of the destination either.

She believes in communication with people, which often brings surprising experiences. Sometimes funny, sometimes less. During her journey, halfway through barefoot, she got to know the Buddhist philosophy, completely new communities, experiences magical meditation moments in sacred places in the Himalayas and a myriad of unrepeatable situations.

Thus, she demonstrates the practical use of new experiences in real life. With rational and emotional views associated with logic, she inspires the readers while not losing a sense of humour. For example, when facing the imprisonment in India, she finally finds a way how to get out of it.

Tereza pictures everything so truly, from a teacher ́s perspective on life, so typical for her. She‘s doing a great job here, seemingly bringing you into action. You feel part of the stories as if you were experiencing them yourself.

The book is for those who want to broaden their horizons, consider their own volunteer and traveller journey, deepen their meditation skills, bring more happiness to life, or experience the adventures of Nepalese jungles or Himalayan mountains from home.

Whatever you are looking for in the book, in any case, you will experience a fantastic adventure.

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Himalaya teacher of life

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