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Himaláj učitelka života

Procestovala jsem tolik zemí a zažila mnoho roztodivných lidí, zvířat, rostlin i míst. Považuji se za normální ženu, která se jen se zaujetím dívá a zajímá o naši nádhernou Matku Zemi a snaží se svůj údiv nad naším zajímavým světem předávat dál. Mám tolik fantamózních příběhů, které bych vám ráda vyprávěla.

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Část z prodeje vždy půjde na podporu vybrané nadace, projektu či osoby podle přítomné situace.​

Himaláj učitelka života

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Book Himalaya the teacher of life

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The Secrets of meditation, volunteering, travel, Buddhist philosophy and also,
with love for men, 
about the equality of women.

Travelling as a school of life linked by the experiences of the traveler Tereza Namituche from different points of view – volunteer, teacher of Buddhist children or monks at monastery. Traveler on her own in the mountains, jungles or conquer jungles as cities are. Passionate student at the teaching of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV. and women founding herself. 

On this website you can buy books of Tereza Namituche Himalaya the teacher of life we haven’t learned at school as a  paper book or e-book in electronic version.

Audiobook is an amazing piece of art. Voice coming from the Czech young actress Michaela Rykrova with sound and directing of Michal Kurfürst. You can buy it at Audiolibrix on this page.

If you are having password from me, you can download English version of the book as e-book (EPUB) for free here. You need to download application for e-books IF you want to read it on the phone.

I have so many stories that I would like to tell you. Only traveling to the te-
achings of His Holiness to the mountains, where I often travelled tens of
hours, would be enough for an entire book. Or meditations in sacred pla-
ces in the mountains and what they have brought to me, the myths and le-
gends that are told here, different cultures and insights I have learnt about
on my trips. Camel rides in the heart of the mountains, staying overnight
in the mountains due to an impassable road blocked by a river of mel-
ting snow and more and more life teaching stories. I tried to select stories
from the last two years chronologically arranged to give the most intere-
sting picture of the wonderful diversity of travel adventure. I have travel-
led more than thirty countries now and seen many unusual people, ani-
mals, plants and places. I consider myself a normal woman who just looks
around with interest and cares about our beautiful Mother Earth and tries
to pass on her amazement by our interesting world. I truly wish all of us to
woke up from the dark point, seeing a man as the “matrix virus”, the gree-
dy destroyer of the Earth, and started not only perceiving but also acting
like supporters and caretakers of our planet. In short, being people, man-
kind who truly love their home and have the understanding of One Love.
I will be very grateful for your opinions.
I am already working on the new book which will be published in the end
of 2020 or at the very beginning of 2021. All will be on vibes of fantasy.
”Green Mother, land of freedom”.
Dear friends,
my my nature is that I am modestly grateful for the possibility to write and share knowledge and life experiences. Part of the income from the sold books or art stuff are always going to support some foundation, project or simple person depending on the present situation.
For example I am supporting oficial foundation of His Holiness Dalai Lama, I’ sent support to Bazalka to be able to buy wheelchair for Kubíka, throughout Doctors beyond the buying food for children. Wood for the winter time, medical stuff or pencils for children with notebooks or goze sending through MOST pro Tibet and I had personally helped by the food, essences oils, socks, books of enlightened words outdoorman who wasn’t ready for classical way of indoor life… By buying you are not just enriching yourself but also directly supporting great amounts of good deeds. Thank you ❤️

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